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8 days without my flist, but SOMEHOW I HAVE SURVIVED. idek know guys, but i missed youuuuuuuuuuuu. ♥

let's just get into this, shall we?

all of my thoughts can basically be boiled down to: AHAHAHAHA JIMMY. &THEM; seriously--i can NOT stop laughing. first time around, though, i wasn't sure if i'd like it; i was expecting something like the frankenstein girls or tight but i got something ENTIRELY BETTER and i thank you ever so much, EVER SO MUCH. as far as actual music/beats go, i'm pretty much in love with "never wanted to dance," "evening wear," and "animal," but when it comes to rolling around on the floor? you'd better believe "get it up" is all over THAT SHIT. an entire song dedicated to erectile dysfunction, complete with sexy female robot voices and a underlying hook that totally makes me wonder why i can't get it up, even though there is no dick to get up!

the whole album is just seriously hilarious, and i love it. to be honest, though, i crack up like a mofo during the bridge of "bomb this track" because i can't stop thinking about gerard singing along to "all my horny mommies" even though I KNOW that's not something he'd say. it's just he knows all the words! there's proof of him actually singing along to actual msi songs and i know he'd sing along. i know it. i just really want him to mouth that line along with jimmy and sheepishly :D-face at making a subtle "baby's mama" reference.

also, can someone please tell me if that's lyn-z or kitty speaking during revenge's intro? i keep thinking lyn-z, for obvious reasons, but i also hope it's kitty because, well. KITTY.

i really, REALLY wanted to post like, three different mixes that happened to pop around my brain during my (cough) involuntary internet decline, but meh. most of them were 'i hate people' mixes anyway, and those just consisted of hardcore bands screaming at you to go the fuck away (i see you, arma angelus!)

dudes, i've been listening to hardcore bands a lot. A LOT. and i realize that the majority of my "music tastes" or whatever does not center around hardcore music, which is weird, since i love hardcore bands. i even sat through half an album of arma angelus (which, considerably, was not that bad. i fucking love "misanthrope" as it is, seeing as it makes me crave that one au idea that switched pete and ashlee so she was super hxc! and he was some pop diva. idk, i think lj user="gigantic"> might've pitched it in her journal, but i'm too lazy to search for it. take my word for it, though: WOULD HAVE BEEN FANTASTIC.)

i haven't been censoring my thoughts at all lately, so usually hxc!ashlee (jumping off of tables! spitting! miniskirts! plays guitar! funky hair dye! tattoos! oh my god, the tattoos.) makes me think of [ profile] kylieq's riot grrl!fic that i fell in lust with and augh augh augh someone tell me jack off jill's "nazi halo" would not make a perfect track for them. tell me so that i can laugh in your face and get off my lazy ass and upload it and PROVE YOU WRONG.

hardcore girls=my new kink. <

because my suckage quality has gone up 200% since BBB began, i have to drop out. i have not had the time nor energy to crank out the 20,000 words like i desperately want to, and it makes me D: all over the place because seriously--SUCH A GOOD PLOT. i love this plot so much, dudes--it hits all my favorite kinks! superheroes! unrequited love/love brought on by one night stands! fighting! good fighting! fighting scenes! angry!sex! i was gonna write angry!sex and now i caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan't. DDDDDDDDDDD:

i'm still hopelessly excited for everyone else's though. i see some plots that i like, some that i love, and some that my pants are not ready for. WHERE ARE YOU MAY 10TH???!!!

huh, that was less than i thought.

RAY AND KRISTA ARE MARRIED, DUDES. where are my pictures? where is my ray attempting to control the fro for the happiest day of his life? where is the pic of the fro attacking krista when they have their 'you may kiss the bride' kiss? where is my frank attempting to weed-whack that shit just so his buddy can have a dance with his new wife without suffocating her? where where where? ;___;

historical aus! MORE PLEASE. i've read [ profile] pearl_o's ideas and some others and i really just want MOAR. old-schoo lovin, ys plz.

epic fail, [ profile] theferrett, epic fail.
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