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Bonus Content: Fanart by yansara and a Mix by sweetnovicaine

you guys, seriously.

seriously, you guys.

omggggggg bbb art

This was a conclusion Frank had come to a few seconds ago; there was no way this all couldn't be real--the sun hanging above them couldn't be a giant lamp anymore than the grass beneath them could be paper-mache. The bee in his ear (ow) was not a robot, and the birds were not sound effects, unless they were, and were consequently the best he'd ever heard. "Guess Ray wasn't entirely batshit crazy," he joked, and picked a daisy. It felt like a daisy, it smelled like a daisy, it tasted like a daisy (Frank promptly spat it out.)

YOU GUYS. LOOK AT THIS SHIT. JUST LOOK AT IT. THE FUCKING COLORS, OKAY. AND GERARD'S LITTLE BAAAAAAACK AND FRANK TASTING THE FLOWER LIKE A DOPE AND JUST *_____________* you guys are so glad you didn't hear me when i first opened this shit. i squealed like a little girl AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT. it's perfect and i seriously love it. thanks so much, yanjara.


i can't even tell you how much i love this mix. I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU. honestly, guys. GUYS. she put neil gaiman in my mix. NEIL GAIMAN. AND THE SCISSOR SISTERS ("i can't decide" is what i imagine bert whistling while preparing for his trip to ray's closet! you know, where he's got his hands jammed in his pockets? HE CAN'T DECIDE HOW TO KILL YOU) and UNF UNF THERE'S JIMI HENDRIX, WHO I FUCKING LOVE, AND THE JAI HO SONG, WHICH I HAVE SPENT MANY AN HOUR DANCING TO, LET ME JUST TELL YOU. AND COBRA STARSHIP. i can't even, man. AND I LOVE THE ART (IT MAKES ME THINK OF TWILIGHT, WHICH IS OKAY, I DON'T FUCKING CARE) AND HONESTLY I WAS SO FUCKING READY FOR THIS MIX AND IT DELIVERED. i love it so so so so much, thank you. ♥
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Oh, wow, the art is absolutely beautiful.
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Hey hon, it's rilee16 from lj. I added you here too.

Also, I was wondering why do you have comments disabled on the story itself? ::just got home from work, hasn't a clue, goes to look further::