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Ugh, what the hell. Gakked from [personal profile] gigantic.

*(this is only in my journal, by the way, couldn't track down all the communities)

DC Comics Fandom

Greek, Latin
Forsaken Plans
When We Learn Our Place
Three Letters Cassandra Sandsmark Will Never Send
But, When, If, How
To Know God Was Watching
(they are perfectly fine) except where they're not


Paycheck // Red Sox // Start

Like that beat in your chest
if you're going to surprise them, surprise them quick
take it straight to the bank; they're waiting
--look wrong in this light
--shallow for the most part
if it means sanctuary
twice the train wreck than you'll ever be
little pete/patrick/ashlee drabble thing
and never returned to drown again

favorite story this year (of my own): and never returned, no doubt, hands down. I feel like it's my most successful and my most devastating fic ever, mostly because I feel like I reached my peak as a fanfic writer when writing this and because I received (and am still dealing with) the worst case of writer's block ever because of it. I can't really hate it, though--I'm still in love with it. It's just a blessing and a curse, really.

I also really love twice the train wreck because it was my first time dealing with a completely ironic fic of mine, in my opinion. The characters Cecil and Wendy belong to gigantic and some other folks, but they're still the kids of our favorite various bandmembers, and it was the first time I was dealing with characters that weren't my own, but I was still in my element, which made for a very hard fic to write. Slap on my fear of completely fucking them up, trying to fit in Pete and Patrick still, and my first het scene ever and you've got yourself a second favorite.

my best story this year: --look wrong. It's fucking short and a long drabble in my eyes, but I have a connection with it that I don't really have with the rest of my fic--it's "based on a true story," for one, and probably the first fic I ever really cared about hatching completely through. I probably spent more time constructing this fic in my head than actually writing it, and while that is a sad, sad fact, it is a sad, sad fact that I can't ignore. It also contains my favorite scene in the history of my fic ever--where they all get ambushed during a night drive. I'm so very sure that never happened, but I felt scary and empowered and sneaky when writing it, and for those who don't know--that is a wonderful feeling.

most popular story this year, in my opinion: If we were going by numbers, I'd point at and never returned, but since we're not, I'm pulling take it straight to center stage. It was quality, not quantity with this one--I felt like I got the most comprehension and understanding from the comments than any other story. It was really weird, because I expected the concept to turn a lot of people off--who wants to read a story about dead bandpeople?--but the more people who read it, the more it was understood, in a way, and I remember feeling particularly safe about this one, like I really didn't give a fuck if people responded or not; I really didn't care.

most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: if it means sanctuary, although I understand why. Gerard/Pete isn't really common, but I remember reading a fic by [personal profile] arsenicjade, where they--in my opinion--were fleshed out more and better. She beat me by a million words of pure fucking awesome, all sex and love and flirting, so I kind of felt a little stilted writing it--I knew it wasn't going to get the same reaction as hers, but I kind of expected a lot of "PETE/GERARD \o/."

most fun story: if you're going to surprise them--PATRICK! BUTCHER! I don't know where this one came from, seriously--it kind of snuck up during that one minute Patrick/Butcher frenzy I remember everyone having. There was a lot of "oh! wouldn't it be great if patrick hooked up with/had sex/was in a relationship with [enter name here]" which is pretty much all I remember. It kind of started my short-lived "patrick/butcher in 2007" campaign, but meh, I love it, it's cute, it made me laugh while writing it.

sexiest story: little pete/patrick/ashlee thing. I think that was my first attempt at actual pure porn--no plot, no nothing. You're just pulled into a scene where you know there's going to be badly written sex. :D

single sexiest moment: To be honest, I think and never returned has some of the sexiest moments I've ever written, in my opinion. A lot of the moments I wrote between Ray and Frank--there was a lot of anger and hostility there, but I actually wrote some of those moments with an undercurrent sexual tension to it, as if they'd had a relationship before the fic in general, or if they'd attempted and lost it, or if they just wanted to fuck it each other. (I'm not going to lie here: I have a separate universe in which they do. Just saying.) I also think that one moment of Frank confessing about the wall, and why he did it--when he mentions Ray fucking Gerard felt sexy for all the wrong reason. The moment between Pete and Andy felt sexy because there actually was sexual tension between them and some unrequited love on Andy's part. I think a lot of emotions that didn't need/weren't supposed to be there actually came across during that fic for reasons even I don't understand.

"holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Greek, Latin (DC Fandom)--it was my first actual portrayal of Slade that didn't quite fit him, but was way weird for me to write. I kept thinking of all the places I could take him, and it was a little creepy because I wanted to do bondage and spanking and blood and that--is not me or my fic.

story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: twice the train wreck not for the fic itself, but because of the universe it inspired. My mind completely shifted to the kid'verse, where I wanted to see the kids through the eyes of their parents, and it was great because I got a chance to fast-forward things a bit, to really see them jump into possible parenthood. I felt that if I compared the common stages of parenthood to some members (ie: Patrick, Pete) I could actually flesh out a possible timeline of how it would go--baseball games, pageants, etc. I had drabbles all set and ready to go, and hopefully I could get back to that in 2008.

hardest story to write: and never returned. I went through some of the greatest brainstorms and some of the worst writer's block in my life, not kidding. This fic killed me. It's still killing me, because I know that I'm never going to reach that peak again, and it's sort of depressing.

biggest disappointment: God, I really, really wish that both sanctuary and --shallow were a lot longer, because they were my first times actually writing any member of My Chemical Romance, and it also helped me realize that hey--I actually like writing these dudes. It kills me how short these two are.

biggest surprise: and never returned. 39,700 words, Jesus. It also had the deepest plot I've ever written, with more rabbit holes and hidden meanings than I could have ever hoped for.

overall: 2007 was my second/third year in fandom, and my first year in actually writing coherent fic, and while I'm proud of some, I'm terribly ashamed of others. I also went through one full fandom this year, and I'm totally fucked up for it, I know, but I can't bring myself to care, because I love bandom. I love writing it, I love the canon, I love the people in it, and I love the fic. Hopefully I can crank out longer stories next year, with a lot more AUs because I love writing them. I also hope to get a fucking beta next year, because God--do I need one.

What I hope to crank out in 2008:

--bodyguard AU
--backenders!series part two (and never returned sequel)
--joseph/mary marie + "joe trohman gave us jesus" crack stories (i'll explain later)
--MOAR kid verse
--mafia/'hood verse
--frank's sex cult part two
--more pete/gerard
--blackparade + sixteencandles twins! universe (will explain later)
--AUs to break the bank
--one more DC fic


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