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2008-05-15 05:46 pm

unfinished fic dump!

pretty much some fics i have not/will not finish, and stuff that's been kicking around in my head since day one. (please note that i think that bert is adorable and, therefore, not an asshole.)

lyn-z/gerard universe mix-up!

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2008-02-11 05:40 pm
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it's too early for this shit (radio dj! au, mcr, gen)


it's too early for this shit (not entirely finished, but meh)
MCR, 1,645 words. G. Gen for now. Based on this.
You're poisoning the kids of America.

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2008-01-21 04:47 pm
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drive-by fic!

okay, so, uh--[personal profile] onneonlights mentioned something about leathermouth!frank + gerard, and believe me, i love me some leathermouth. i also love paint-splatteredshoes!gerard, so, here you go:

frank/gerard, 2,000 words. Light R.
mikey for the win! (yes, this is a summary, idek, though)
for [personal profile] onneonlights.

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2007-11-26 05:28 pm
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at the risk of sounding ridiskulous

i have writer's block.

i am sleepy.

crappy mondays. crappy days, period.

but there's music so for the moment, i am good.

anybody want to prompt me? i need to start writing. name a person/pairing, and i'll see what i can come with. and for fun purposes: EVERYONE RESPONSE I MAKE WILL BE PURE PORN.

eta: ugh, peer pressure. :D give me your link please.
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2007-11-14 05:13 pm
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mind hiccup

Fucking New Jersey. Fucking Jersey with its one damn Driver's Ed school being burned down by a mysterious fire that was obviously arson.

Gerard breathes heavily through his nose, wipes his fingers, and swallows a scream. "Okay--"

Mikey's forehead beads suddenly, crinkles. "Okay? Forward?" He taps his feet a bit and the car lurches forward, screeches dead when Gerard does. "Fuck--okay, ten and two."

They both glance down at Mikey's hands. He shifts a little, pushes up his glasses on his nose, "I am ten and two."

"No," gasp, "That's three and nine."

His forehead crinkles a bit. "Is there a difference?"


Mikey's hand slip accordingly. The car leers again, "I'm not even--I'm not doing anything!"

Fuck this damn ghost car.

"What--whatever, ignore it. Ten and two, where's your foot?"

"On the gas pedal."

Oh, shit--they're moving. Again.

"Oh--" Gerard shimmies his foot around until he comes down hard on Mikey's Converses. The car stops. "Listen to me. Do not--do not--touch this--" he points at the gas pedal--"until this--" he points at his mouth, "tells you to."

Mikey nods at him, slowly, and sinks in his seat. Fuck. "Hey, I'm not--I'm not trying to. I'm not trying to be mean. It's just--" he makes his voice not whine, "I don't want to die, you know?"

Mikey shrugs, doesn't look at him. "I'm trying, okay? Jesus Christ, this is not the eighteenth century or anything, when I all I had to know was how to whip a horse on the ass to make it move. This shit is scary, and you freaking out is not helping at all." He adds, smiles, "But I know it was either you or Mom, so, uh, thanks?"

Gerard grins, "Let's try ten and two again, okay?"


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2007-09-04 05:39 pm
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deposit (Pete/Patrick, bandslash, Adult)

(Oh my God, mediator!fic, y'all. So fucking weird.)


Rated Adult for language, sexual situations, and variant uses of black comedy.
Pete/Patrick, 16,500 words
SUMMARY: Pete has met a lot of people. All of them--mostly--are dead.
NOTES: I am not going to point at the word count. And if I did, boo on you if you think I'm bragging, I'm fucking proud. But, aside from the adult rating, there is dark content, black comedy, et cetera. I advise you not to read if you aren't comfortable.

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2007-08-25 07:47 pm

twice the train wreck than you'll ever be (kinda-sorta-bandslash, Cecil/Wendy)

twice the train wreck than you'll ever be
Rated Adult for language, situations. Cecil/Wendy, 6,500 words
SUMMARY: It all started when Cecil was a little boy.
NOTES: Don't look at me like that, there's no way I did this alone. Mega super thanks to [personal profile] gigantic ,[profile] ninjajab  for having awesome brains and coming up with this, huge thanks to [personal profile] neery  for this and sending my plot bunny on a wild ride. Many thanks to everyone who participated in this, and this.  SO MUCH LOVE to the guys at [profile] 2pointoh.You all own my soul, basically.
eta: NOTES Pt.2: The lovely and awesome starstillwonder also put so much into this universe, but for some reason LJ is having trouble with her username. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

But really, let me give you the lowdown, 'cos you want to read this, right?

Wendy Wentz--Pete and Ashlee's kid.
Cecil Martin Stump-Miller--Patrick and Dirty's kid.
Jon Walker Jr.--Jon and Cassie's kid.
Anais (Juliet) Ross--Ryan and Keltie's kid.
Eileen (Ivy) Violet Salpeter-Urie--Brendon and Greta's kid.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt--Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kid.
Suri Cruise--Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's kid.

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2007-08-16 02:23 pm

if it means sanctuary (bandslash, Adult, Pete/Gerard)

whatever, guys, like you're surprised anymore--

if it means sanctuary
Rated Adult for language, situations, Pete/Gerard/FTW!, 6,700 words
SUMMARY: No, Gerard doesn't plan things, things plan Gerard.
NOTES: Count your blessings presents, ceej! Slight thanks to [profile] ficbyzee for Intoxicated Circulation.

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2007-08-07 01:37 pm

shallow for the most part (cultverse, kind of, Frank/Bob, Adult)

okay, peeps, let's try this again--

--shallow for the most part
Frank/Bob, cultverse-that's-not-cultverse-fic, 3,000 words
Rated Adult for language, situations. Thanks to ceej and Zee.
SUMMARY: Not everyone has a message, you know. (If Frank did, it'd be more of "get on your knees and do something.")

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2007-08-05 02:11 am
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--look wrong in this light (bandslash, almost--slight Pete/Patrick)

--look wrong in this light
Rated Safe; slight Pete/Patrick, 3,600 words
SUMMARY: You lose your territory here.
NOTES: Like any obsessed Fall Out Boy fan, you know of Invisible Children and the trip to Uganda. Seemed spiritual enough for me, and I really wanted to write it. Help comes from here, and here, also from here, and here, and here (<--Warning: Link will cause ovaries to combust with love).
DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to know anything specific about Fall Out Boy's trip to Uganda. This is of my own imagination.

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2007-07-16 01:07 am
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take it straight to the bank; they're waiting (Pete/Patrick, bandslash)

take it straight to the bank; they're waiting
Rated it's too late at night to rate this damn thing for the lightest mentions of death imaginable, Pete/Patrick, 1,600 words
SUMMARY: Ashes, ashes--they all fall down.

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2007-07-03 04:50 pm
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(no subject)

Wanted to make a separate post.


I will write fic for you if you give me a pairing (or a person). No, you don't pick what I write. My fandom is your fandom.
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2007-06-20 03:33 pm
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PATRICK/BUTCHER IN '07, people (if you're going to surprise them, surprise them quick)

Tell me something here, brain. Where do you get off, making me up and write 12 pages of Patrick/Butcher humor/angst out of nowhere? Did it ever occur to you that I might have a life and stuff?



if you're going to surprise them, surprise them quick
Language, Patrick/Butcher,  4,100 words.
SUMMARY: High-scale situations are for first-timers and stressors.