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random thought: you know what i love about listening to "cubicles?" aside from making me clutch at my heart every three words, there's a specific line (sometimes i think i'll die alone) that just makes me smile. dudes, he's not going to die alone. none of us are. he's got a pretty wife and we've got each other and the fucking world.

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dudes, it's probably nothing, it's probably insignificant, it's probably the shittiest reason in the world, but i am freaking the fuck out.

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that being said:

--babies! i want some iero babies and some toro babies and way babies and some bob stat. they don't have tour anymore, dudes! [ profile] mcee said so!
--...mikeyway wants to take up kickboxing. where you KICK THINGS. oh mikeywayyyyyyyyyyy, ♥

I think I was looking at Gerard, who was kind of futzing around by Bob or talking or something. I was waiting for the next song and my eyes just sort of slid over to Mikey and I literally gasped out loud. He was standing at the edge of the stage, legs spread, holding the neck of his bass, and he was just staring at the crowd. Not smiling, not moving, just staring. I never thought I’d use the word smoldering to describe Mikeyway but that’s all I could think. Smoldering. My legs actually kind of went out from under me. (Luckily there was a stool there for me to slump down onto.) It was just…woah. Mikeyway. He smiled a couple of times, big smiles, at James or Ray, I couldn’t tell, but I was automatically smiling like an idiot whenever I saw it. There was a funny moment before Mama when Gerard said, “I want to dedicate this song to my mom. [pause] Who’s also Mikey’s mom.” Mikey just kind of raised his eyebrows and smirked all uh, yeah dude. It was cute. Also, I want his boots.

The best moment was, of course, the one everyone’s talking about. Gerard came over and put his arm around Frank during the break in Headfirst for Halos. Frank brought his hand up and I thought he was going to just kind of drape his hand over Gerard’s, but then he was grabbing the mic instead and I remember thinking “what?” and then I died. He rapped the Fresh Prince theme song with his back to the crowd. And then put the mic down on Bob’s drum. And then I think I experienced hysterical deafness for like a minute and when I came to Gerard was cooing, fucking cooing about how Frank was so nervous he’d just put the mic down on Bob’s drum. Then he said Frank was “so adorable!” So adorable! [flailing] As a Philadelphian who has drunkenly recited the Fresh Prince theme song more times than I can count, that moment absolutely made my life. I can’t remember if he did the last part, the “I pulled up to the house…” part, or just ended it at “yo, home…” part because, like I said, dead. Perhaps someone who was there can help me out? But whatever, best moment of my life.

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8 days without my flist, but SOMEHOW I HAVE SURVIVED. idek know guys, but i missed youuuuuuuuuuuu. ♥

let's just get into this, shall we?

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huh, that was less than i thought.

RAY AND KRISTA ARE MARRIED, DUDES. where are my pictures? where is my ray attempting to control the fro for the happiest day of his life? where is the pic of the fro attacking krista when they have their 'you may kiss the bride' kiss? where is my frank attempting to weed-whack that shit just so his buddy can have a dance with his new wife without suffocating her? where where where? ;___;

historical aus! MORE PLEASE. i've read [ profile] pearl_o's ideas and some others and i really just want MOAR. old-schoo lovin, ys plz.

epic fail, [ profile] theferrett, epic fail.
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gerard way! you are old! you can no longer check "25-30!" all of your sentences will now begin with "in my days!" teenagers will really start scaring the living shit out of you! pants will become less of your tight friends and more of your rebellious enemy! there shall be several trips to the bathroom every night! the trees shall call you grandpa!

and yet--you have a fucking fantastic, hot wife who loves you, a band who's equally as fantastic/awesome, people who care and fans that always do. and fuck it, you're still amazingly dorky and hot and talented, all of these things aside, so i have to say that life must be going swimmingly for you.

you are my absolute favorite, you nut, and i hope that a little love and a little bengay will keep you as that dude whose band made me pick up a guitar, who makes bold claims, who makes teenage boys take their shirts off, who makes out with his guitarist, licks his brother, molests his other guitarist, and has his drummer tie his shoes (while he sings a song about it!) be a redhead, be a blond, make it pitch-black, make all the faces you want, rip your pants, paint your face all misfits-like, have seizures on stage (fake them, at least), dedicate songs to your wife, your mom, your brother, your bandmate, the fans. tell me that it's not okay to be depressed, tell me to talk to someone, to rock out, to fucking forget them, to let them never see my back, to think happy thoughts, ask heaven to help us, and for god sakes, continue to be one of my super-fabulous heroes.

and you'll always suck way more cock than david cassidy. always.


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