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2008-05-22 05:03 pm

let's do this shit in order, folks

good news: dude, L-the-crush has an inflamed ligament! before you label me a demon, please to be noting that this means that she needs people to do stuff for her (not everything, though. she walks without her crutches on purpose! she is my superwoman!) and said people (me) have to hang out with her all day just so we can do so. dudes, she wants to go to warped tour (coming near us soon!) god god god, i'm so fucked over by this girl, guys. \o/

dudes, lyn-z's name is lyn-z.
i love love love this girl, okay. i just CAN NOT love her more (that's a lie, but you knew that.) and fuck anyone trying to defend that fucking nickname--it's stupid, and it's something i'm guilty of and it's something that stops today, now--in my journal. OH LYNZ FORGIVE ME. DDDD:

bad news: totally lost my shit today. i won't go into details, but i will say that i felt like asshole!frank! it was kind of cool for a second, but i was too busy being D: and ): and 0:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< DIE DIE DIE.

worse news: more than 4,000 gay men/lesbians have been executed in iran. what the ever living fuck, iran?
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2008-05-15 05:46 pm

unfinished fic dump!

pretty much some fics i have not/will not finish, and stuff that's been kicking around in my head since day one. (please note that i think that bert is adorable and, therefore, not an asshole.)

lyn-z/gerard universe mix-up!

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2008-04-24 01:32 am

all your lj posts ARE BELONG TO US

8 days without my flist, but SOMEHOW I HAVE SURVIVED. idek know guys, but i missed youuuuuuuuuuuu. ♥

let's just get into this, shall we?

msi's if: making you bust a gut since before its actual release date )

various riot grrl!au ramblings, hardcore!ashlee, hardcore girls in general, and incompetent whining )<

bigbang = D: )
huh, that was less than i thought.

RAY AND KRISTA ARE MARRIED, DUDES. where are my pictures? where is my ray attempting to control the fro for the happiest day of his life? where is the pic of the fro attacking krista when they have their 'you may kiss the bride' kiss? where is my frank attempting to weed-whack that shit just so his buddy can have a dance with his new wife without suffocating her? where where where? ;___;

historical aus! MORE PLEASE. i've read [ profile] pearl_o's ideas and some others and i really just want MOAR. old-schoo lovin, ys plz.

epic fail, [ profile] theferrett, epic fail.
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2008-02-28 04:22 pm

shit you should be watching


All MSI, so travel downwards if that ain't your thing (and if it isn't, what are you doing here?) Also, feel free to catch your daily dose of LOL via the 3249032482304342 comments below each video.