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8 days without my flist, but SOMEHOW I HAVE SURVIVED. idek know guys, but i missed youuuuuuuuuuuu. ♥

let's just get into this, shall we?

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huh, that was less than i thought.

RAY AND KRISTA ARE MARRIED, DUDES. where are my pictures? where is my ray attempting to control the fro for the happiest day of his life? where is the pic of the fro attacking krista when they have their 'you may kiss the bride' kiss? where is my frank attempting to weed-whack that shit just so his buddy can have a dance with his new wife without suffocating her? where where where? ;___;

historical aus! MORE PLEASE. i've read [ profile] pearl_o's ideas and some others and i really just want MOAR. old-schoo lovin, ys plz.

epic fail, [ profile] theferrett, epic fail.
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just in case you haven't seen it: skeleton diner (by [personal profile] octette) because i am not even done with it yet and i am in fucking love. they run a vegan diner! with vegan food! and it's got everyone you can fucking name on your fingers and it is just amazing, okay? her frank is done with his fucking job (and wants to save lives) and her frank/jamia makes me want to have a fucking romance, fr srs. she does them so well, guys--she's my official frank/jamia writer for EVER--and it has pete/gerard and mikey/alicia (het otp #2!) and OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG it's too perfect.


"What I want to know, dude, is how you scored Jamia," Pete says to him. "Because she is hot like burning, man, fucking burning.“

"I fucking know," says Frank. He still can't make it through the shift without a cigarette, but he's down to four, and that's not bad considering he used to do a pack or two a day, easily. And he switched to lights. "I met her at a Converge show."

"No shit?" Pete takes a giant bite out of the sandwich Frank just made him. Chicken parm, without the cheese.

("Vegan cheese smells like feet, and is disgusting," Pete says.

"But without the cheese, it's not parm," protests Frank.

"So from now on I'll ask for chicken on a parm roll with the parm sauce! Ha!")

"Swear. We were in the pit, and this big dude shoved her, and she almost fell, but I caught her. And you know—I mean, it's what you do for anyone, but it's different when it's a girl."

Pete hums agreement, chewing.

"I was totally scared she'd fucking deck me or something, because ... well, you've seen her. But, seriously, she looked up and she was the fucking most gorgeous girl I'd ever seen in my life. That was all I wanted, from, like, that moment on, you know? All I wanted was her. And when she smiled at me, it was like my heart broke into a million pieces in my chest."

"That's fucking poetry, dude," says Pete around a giant mouthful of TVP chicken and Frank's mom's sauce.

"Yeah, she's fucking poetry," says Frank. He takes a long drag on his cigarette. He remembers that day like it was yesterday—no, better than yesterday. It is the clearest fucking day of his life. "And before Converge went on, we totally made out, and it was like fucking coming my brains out just from kissing, I swear to God."

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[profile] daybreak25's guide to WRITING BANDOM (or any fandom, really)

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Okay, one: I'm bored and b): I can not tell you how many times I've surfed a journal or read a fic and have no idea what one particular phrase means. Maybe it's just me, maybe not, whatever the reason: THE GUIDE TO WRITING BANDOM/FANDOM (also known as the BANDOM BIBLE) is here, just in case you suddenly forget what gen means.

But since this is a bandom guide, when I rec, I'll rec bandom fics. Nothing personal, I still love my fandoms and all that, but seriously? BANDOM IS GOOD FOR MY SOUL.

If you find something wrong with my definitions, or just want to suggest a term or a fic to be recced, let me know in your comments (although if you're suggesting, give me names, an examples, and a definition. I'm lazy, so sue me.) If you don't like the category in which your fic is recced, let me know (then tell what category it should go in or if it should be removed, period), and I'll apologize, beg on my knees, and do so. BOLDED words have an entry.

NOTE: YOU GUYSSSSSS, LJ has fucked up this post twice now. Point out what's wrong.

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